The Agora network of retail depots services the southern region of Malawi.

The initial core business in Agora was the importation and distribution of inorganic fertilizers, but the last 20 years have seen the addition of many other agro inputs to the companies’ product list.  Agora retail shops now cater for the rural consumer’s broader requirements including fertilizer, maize seed (the Mdzaza Nkhokwe Demeter Seed  which produces maximum yield), salt (Sea Fresh), sugar, cooking oil and hardware in the form of cement, corrugate iron sheets, nails and bicycles just to mention a few.

AGORA provides linkages between farmers and urban consumers of farm output commodities such as maize, soya beans, groundnuts, sunflower and pulses in large quantities.  Most of these commodities are bought to supply forward contracts with local grain processors and export customers. The rural farmer is given the opportunity to sell his produce to a formal buyer that is compliant to good practices set down by the company and the trade regulations set out by Government.  All Agora shops are obliged to conduct business transparently, by displaying buying prices clearly to the public, issue receipts and use calibrated weights and scales.  This fair trading environment is much appreciated by the rural farmer and trader alike.

AGORA outlets in Malawi

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